Egyptian Gods: Isis

Egyptian Gods: Isis

Published On: 01-16-2013 06:54pm

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Easily the most recognized and celebrated Egyptian goddess, Isis was the wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus. Her cult center was the island of Philae, and worship of Isis spread from Egypt into other areas such as Syria and Greece, and eventually Rome. Isis was worshipped for over 3000 years, and came to absorb many other goddesses into her myth. Her beauty as well as longevity make her an important figure in mythology and spirituality even today.

Like Hathor, Isis was often depicted as a beautiful woman with a crown of cow’s horns and a sun disc. She could also be seen with gorgeous, protective kite wings, typically when in a seated position, representing the throne of Egypt. A throne emblem was the hieroglyph for Isis, and her lap was considered to be the personification of the seat of power in Egypt. When Osiris left the land to spread his teachings, it was Isis who ruled in his place.

Isis was the goddess of magic, and had the ability to heal the sick or wounded, and transform into any shape that she desired. It was she who found the concealed body of Osiris, after a devious death at the hands of their brother Set, and eventually healed him. They conceived the falcon god Horus before Osiris retired to the underworld forever.

In the earliest myths, it was Isis who nurtured and protected the women of Egypt, teaching them to grind corn and weave cloth. She created the rites of marriage and the healing arts, and together with Anubis, performed the first rituals of mummification and burial that would give the Egyptians much of their historical immortality.

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