Eclectica - Jewelry from the JCUiN

Eclectica - Jewelry from the JCUiN

Published On: 11-10-2011 12:50pm

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Originally posted October 13, 2011.  

: Selecting individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles.

When I set out to curate a new collection from the studios of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild members, I really had no idea in mind as to a theme for the collection.  I had decided to just pick out pieces of jewelry that "talked" to me, whether it was due to color choices, interesting textures or fascinating components used in the design. When I went back and looked at the choices, my first thought was, "Wow!  What an eclectic mixture of pieces." Yes, they are:  from Dewey Decimal earrings to laminated feathers on banana bark earrings; from a leather and shell bracelet to prayer beads.  All these and much more are included in the collection.  Please visit "Eclectica - Jewelry from the JCUiN" by following this link:

Below are several pieces I wanted to share with you from the collection.

Vintage Style Blue Gem Turquoise Necklace with Route 66 Charms
Get you kicks on Route 66!  This beautiful boho statement necklace, by Pam of epicetera, has Route 66 brass charms, turquoise and howlite scattered on brass chain.  A fun piece that will get noticed:

Aged Copper Setting Earrings - Dewey Decimal
Since I love to read and used to work part time at a library, these Dewey Decimal system earrings certainly caught my eye!  The earrings, created by SovereignSea, were made with glass domes and vintage style copper featuring Dewey Decimal number from vintage library catalog cards.  Way cool:

Blessed Bea Prayer Beads
From StregaJewellry comes this amazing Pagan prayer bead creation, featuring Blessed Bea, the Keeper of the Rosewood Grotto.  The Keeper brings protection and strengthens the bonds of a loving relationship:

Leather Four Wrap Bracelet Pale Pink Shell Beads Copper Button
What a lovely leather wrap bracelet; Tammi of PinkSunsetJewelryDesigns created this beauty!  I just love the juxtaposition of the dark leather with the subtle color of the red lip shell rounds that have just a few lines of the dark leather color!  The bracelet can be found here:

Laminated Feathers on Banana Bark Dangle Earrings, Blue Adventurine
These earrings by Mary of PrettyGonzo are truly eclectic!  They were created with two large banana bark beads with spotted feathers laminated onto them!  Bluish/purplish aventurine beads add a wonderful pop of color.  They can be found here:

Porcelain Heart and Lampwork Earrings
Now, I am not normally a heart person, but I LOVE the colors and textures of these hearts - because they are different!  The pomegranate color beads and copper add even more unique characteristics.  Made by Kristi of KristiBowmanDesign here is the link:

These are only half of the wonderful eclectic jewelry that are found in the "Eclectica - Jewelry from the JCUiN".  Here is the link so you can visit the other pieces and the studios of the very talented artists:
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