Evil Eye Ojo Eyeballs, Third Eye - Oh MY!

Evil Eye Ojo Eyeballs, Third Eye - Oh MY!

Published On: 11-25-2011 07:28pm

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Hehehe, eyes! The window to the soul! Totally fascinating and sometimes spooky. I'm always amazed at the variety of reactions to my eye jewelry.

So, awhile ago, I stumbled on these lampwork eye beads - 3 eyes spaced around a solid color bead. Some of the eyes are a bit funky, some are stunning.
Welllll, these beads disappeared into my stash, gone, out of sight, or a Very Long Time. :::pout:::
Suddenly, recently, they reappeared! A variety have been wired to rings, photographed and LISTED!!! Oh My!

Grab yours, quick!  

Ward off the Evil Eye!!!!

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