Ta Da! Item #10 installed and ready for ogling! [date lost in the migration]

Ta Da! Item #10 installed and ready for ogling! [date lost in the migration]

Published On: 11-25-2011 09:28pm

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'ello, howdy, greetings, howrya!!!

A momentary breather while I bask in the accomplishment of having uploaded Item Number Ten!!!
WhooOooWhoOoooOoo, can y'all shout Happy Dance!!!!

Oh, I know, doesn't seem like so much from your side of the screen, does it?
But from *My* side of the screen -
choosing which items,
choosing which backgrounds will set off to best advantage while photographing,
Hundreds of photographs - Thank God in Heaven for digital cameras!!!!
Then the cropping,
telling stories about each one (sadly lacking, I know, I Will get better!)

Oh My!

I hope I have snagged a tiny corner of your heart. Please comment, come back often, Link up, Subscribe, Tell a Friend!!!! and generally Stay In Touch! Oh, and you may also adopt an item or four....

Christmas is Coming
Christmas is Coming
Shop early!

So long, farewell, alverdersane (ha, spell that one!) R E Vwah, see ya later alligator!!!! 

Reader's Comments

By SherrysJewels on 12/30/2011 @ 06:05pm

(Apologies for not responding faster, found your comment in pending...) Interesting suggestion, I shall speak to the muse and see what gets borned! You KNOW I want to see your sparkly pretties!

By Guest on 12/05/2011 @ 05:29am

Hey girlie, After our visit re: baby moonstones, and my bbbbbeaaautiful chakra bracelet (member?). I've been playing a lot with the sparkely shiney things...., Love, love, love your pretties....wow.... Since you are Om rings, how bout a karna ring? A bead in the middle and copper coil around it. Similar to your "life Journey" pretties. Thinking garnet....., so that's an idea.. Hope you had a good t'giving and that Christmas and Santa is treating you well (lol) Hugs Kat

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