Soapsmith's Studio Part 1

Soapsmith's Studio Part 1

Published On: 11-19-2011 12:32am

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Hello friends, 

I get a lot of inquires about my soap making equipment.  Today, I will share a few photos of my studio work space. 


  This is part of my collection of soap making essential and fragrance oils in the first shelving unit and my colorants, micas, oxides, fdc lakes and dyes, and some natural herbs in the second unit:    


Another cupboard with more essential and fragrance oils.  I try to keep them separated by natural essential oils and fragrance oils, then either alphabetized or organized in groupings such as florals, spices, herbal, fruity etc. The colorants are separated in order of their use, i.e. micas for glycerin soaps, oxides for cold process, lip safe etc.

Yes, I do have a LOT of fragrances. I really enjoy concocting fabulous blends for my customer's pleasure.  I dance for joy when the delivery truck arrives with a new package of scents.  I can never have too many fragrances! 
Here is a photo of my soap making equipment.  Scale, stainless steel, enamel and plastic pots, glass and plastic measuring vessels, stick blenders, stirring utensils, safety equipment etc.
The bottom drawers are filled with individual silicone soap molds.

This is a photo of the slab molds that I use for my hand made cold process soap, silicone and plastic:
Some of my collection of individual silicone molds used for glycerin soaps:

75 Plastic molds, they look messy but are filed by theme such as holiday, flowers, sea etc.

That's all for today.  My next blog update will have more photos of my artisan studio.  Check back later if you'd like to see them.
Thanks for visiting, have a great day!


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By Guest on 12/28/2012 @ 07:42pm

Hi Bonnie, Ah yes, the sound of a delivery truck stopping in front of the house...brings out the kid in us! Smells are where it's at. Thank you for sharing your little bit of heaven with us! One day mine will look like that... Patricia

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