Confessions of a mopaholic--and some spray mop reviews

Published On: 01-31-2012 02:31pm

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mopsI definately suffer from OMD (obsessive mopping disorder) but no one would believe I live with 7 dogs if they came to visit. I mop my tile floors every day, sometimes twice. My sewing room looks like a hurricane passed through but my floors are squeaky clean on any given day.
I don't use chemicals to clean my floors, just vinegar and sometimes non-chorine bleach for the tough stuff. And some non-toxic enzymes for any pet messes.

Mops are a very important tool in my home! My first spray mop was an O'Cedar Pro Mist which I purchased at the local Alco for $24.99. Talk about EASY! A little refillable bottle on the handle allows me to use whatever natural cleaning solution I want.  A trigger handle provides the spraying action and the microfiber cleaning head is a breeze to wash over and over again. The downside? I've gone through 4 of them in a year because the trigger handle eventually breaks and I got no response from the company, so I won't buy it again. This lead me on a search for THE BEST spray mop.

We purchased the Libman Freedom Spray Mop for about $30 at Home Depot. The mop head is 10 X 5" like the O'Cedar but they also made a 15 X 5" model. The microfiber mop head has several rows of nylon scrubby material but I don't like the loop part as well as the O'Cedar. Thank goodness they are interchangeable because I have about 6 of the replacement mops for the O'Cedar. The Libman also has the nifty trigger handle and refill bottle and time will tell if it holds up to frequent use. This will be the bathroom mop since the smaller swivel head will fit into tight places.

We also purchased the Rubbermaid Reveal and I have to say, so far this one is my favorite.  Target online has a deal with the mop, 2 mop heads and an extra refill bottle for $39.99
This mop has a HUGE 16 X 6" mop head and the microfiber filaments feel almost rubberized so it really grips the floor for a deep clean. Along with a similar swivel feature and trigger handle, this mop features a comfortable foam padded portion on the handle for two-handed mopping/scrubbing. The others have only a hard plastic grip. This is definately the Cadillac of spray mops from the ones I've tried.

For deep weekly cleaning, nothing beats my reliable Hoover Floormate. This is an electric floor mopping system which scrubs and then vacuums the dirty water into a holding tank for a no residue finish. For my all-tiled home, this is the only vacuum I really need. Also at Target for about $150.00 This is my second Floormate and by far this upgraded model is the best.

Last but not least, the Shark Steam Mop, again at Target for about $90
This cool little gadget cleans the floors with pure steam which sanitizes without chemicals. The microfiber mop head can be flipped over to use on both sides. I generally run this over my floors every few days after I've used the spray mops for a squeaky-clean finish.

Have a spray mop YOU love? Tell us about it! Clean floors are SO important for the health of your pets and air quality in your home.

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By Guest on 08/29/2013 @ 05:58pm

I agree on the o cedar mop. After % months it seems to jam up. I did e-mail the company and after they suggesting some simple repairs ( which I already had done) it still did not work. They did fed x me a new one but the same thing happened. I do know not to use more that 2 teaspoons. Clean every every use and keep it empty. I more than not just use vinegar and water. So yes this has been a hassle to me and I am not pleased. I have been cleaning for close to 50 years No I think I will try another brand

By Guest on 06/26/2013 @ 07:09pm

Thanks for the info. Would these mops also work on my hardwood floors?

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