New Microphone Charm Jewelry and Accessories At The Singing Beader

New Microphone Charm Jewelry and Accessories At The Singing Beader

Published On: 03-18-2015 04:25pm

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I have been creating several new microphone jewelry items and accessories for sale at my shop. The latest is a belly ring for the pierced navel. It has ruby red crystals with a microphone and sing heart charm. It is perfect to wear while performing on stage whether you are a professional singer or karaoke enthusiast.  Clicking on the photos will take you to the listing.  


I also made an "I Sing Karaoke" necklace with metal alphabet beads. The engraved letter block beads spell out the words. There is a microphone and heart charm with the word sing, that dangles down between the words I and Karaoke.  The large hole block beads, plus large hole silver beads, are strung on genuine black leather cord. The necklace is adjustable with a chain and trigger clasp fastener. It is a very unique, one of a kind piece.  Edit: the one pictured below is sold.  Contact me for details on purchasing another one similar to it.  


Fairly new to my shop are microphone wine glass charms. These very make nice token gifts of appreciation for your favorite KJ. Very fun to use at karaoke parties. They come two to a set, however, I also sell them single. See the listing description for more information.


To see more microphone jewelry and accessories in my shop, see catalog section, Musical Instruments, etc.  I also have microphone earrings, necklaces, brooches, zipper pulls and charm bracelets. Here is a link to the catalog section:

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