Musical Instrument Charm Jewelry - the fronts and backs of it

Published On: 02-04-2013 01:23am

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Well, old man winter has really arrived in Cleveland, Ohio, and after a day of 65 degrees just last week, this week he came back with a quite a vengeance. Snow, snow and more snow!

 I often look out the window at the weather when I'm taking photos of my handmade jewelry.  All the seasons come and go so quickly and I take the beauty of the colorful seasons for granted;  from white and gray to green and blue, then to those wonderful autumn colors, all the beauty provided by mother nature. 

Lately,  I've taken notice in the beauty and intricate details of musical instruments. As I continue to add more music themed jewelry to my ArtFire studio, I'm also learning the differences between the front and back sides of musical instrument charms. I recently discovered after assembling a French horn necklace that I had the back side facing forward. I never really paid attention to the front and back sides, but now I do.  Looking up information about the instrument on Wikipedia helps me out. I often add this interesting information to my ArtFire listing.  You can find this information under either, "Inspiration/Story Behind This Product", or "More Info". 

It probably wouldn't have mattered too much if I had the put the charm on the chain facing the wrong way. This would have been fine for the left handed person who would normally fasten the trigger side of the clasp with the left hand instead of the right.  These are just details I think about when creating a piece of jewelry.  Of course, if you really are left handed, you can request that a necklace have its clasp changed to the opposite side.  Of course that would turn all the charms facing on their wrong side. LOL Nah, no worries, I would fix that, too. :)

Did you know I make those insert chain cards for my gift boxed necklaces?  I'm working on trying to make a template for those, so I don't have to trace an old one and then work diligently folding it to make a perfect fit for the gift box. You may wonder why I just can't buy these insert cards.  Well, I've looked, and can not find the correct size for my tiny boxes.  Plus, I'm having fun doing it, so I'm not really in a hurry to find an alternative way. 

I recently bought a bunch of colored cardstock to make the insert cards. This colored card stock is also used for backings in my photos. Maybe one day, I'll write up a blog with pictures showing how I make these insert cards.   Come see the section in my ArtFire studio, "Musical Instruments, Etc. Jewelry".  It is so colorful showing the boxed jewelry with the insert cards and backings.  

Additions to my ArtFire shop include new sterling silver harp and saxophone necklaces and  new sterling silver French horn, bagpipes, cello and trumpet necklaces.  Coming soon,  a sterling silver oboe necklace.  My wishlist charms include a sterling silver piano charm, tambourine and accordion.  If you know a music student, band student, music teacher or someone one that plays in an orchestra, please let them know about my music themed jewelry in my ArtFire studio.  

New photos:  Be sure to check out improved photos in my ArtFire shop for the no clasp wood bead and leather cord necklace, the pewter antiqued silver eighth note necklace, sterling silver acoustic guitar necklace, ukulele charm bracelet and the elementary school band metal French horn necklace.  The fun never ends! 

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