Rare music charm necklaces for band and orchestra students

Published On: 05-23-2013 05:59pm

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I have recently been constructing some new musical instrument charm necklaces for sale at my ArtFire.com shop.  I added some rare, hard to find charms.  Most of the time when buyers are shopping for music themed jewelry, flutes, clarinets and guitars are fairly easy to find.  Other instruments like oboes, banjos, tubas or cellos are sometimes hard to find.

You can find a variety of music themed jewelry in my shop including these harder to find musical instrument charm.  The charm necklaces are hand constructed by me with all sterling silver findings including the chains.  They come attractively packaged for gift giving.  What a great graduation gift for the band or orchestra student! What a great retirement gift for a music teacher!


I will soon be introducing a grand piano necklace to the other instruments in my "musical instruments, etc." section.  From banjos to violins they have all become friends, and in my crazy imagination, they all jam together making a grand performance. 

You can also find other music themed jewelry in my ArtFire.com shop including metal alloy microphone charm earrings and necklaces and wood guitar jewelry.  I also sell a wide variety of gemstone jewelry. I'm very fond of semi-precious gemstones. 

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