Microphone Jewelry and Prizes for the Karaoke Singer

Microphone Jewelry and Prizes for the Karaoke Singer

Published On: 02-27-2014 06:07pm

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I have been a karaoke enthusiast for many years and when I started selling handmade jewelry on ArtFire.com, I added a music themed jewelry section to "The Singing Beader" shop.  This section includes microphone jewelry especially made for the karaoke singer.

Recently, I added some microphone accessories. I now sell microphone wine charms and phone charms. The wine charms fit around the stem of a wine glass. These are popular at parties, especially karaoke parties. The clip-on phone charms can also be used as zipper pulls, or have fun clipping them on any necklace cord or bracelet of your choosing. 

Set of Two Microphone Wine Charms


Microphone Clip-On Phone Charm or Zipper Pull


The microphone wine charms and clip-on phone charms make clever gifts or tips for your favorite KJ (karaoke jockey).   If you are a KJ, you can also give them away for a singing contest. How about awarding  a prize for the "karaoke virgin" first time karaoke singer?

I recently made a microphone charm bracelet. It consists of four microphones and four heart charms on an adjustable chain. The double sided heart charms have the word "sing" engraved on one side. The other side has an engraved eighth note. It is a very cute charm bracelet!

Microphone Charm Bracelet


Not only is my microphone jewelry fun for the karaoke singer, but they also are enjoyed by the professional singer. Even my three cats enjoy their microphone charms that are attached to their collar. They look cute when they are "singing" to the birds they see out the window.

The dimensional metal alloy microphones and heart charms are considered "lead safe" because they do not contain lead.  The microphones measure 27 mm x 7mm and the heart charms 10 mm x 12 mm. 

I also sell matching microphone earrings, necklaces and brooches. See section, "Musical Instruments, etc." for more music themed jewelry.


Click on the photos above to take you to the descriptions.  Each item has 10 photos showing close up details. Thank you for looking and happy singing! 

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By Guest on 02/27/2014 @ 11:25pm

Love the microphone jewelry. LOL, I can just see your cats singing to the birds.

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