Singing The 50's and 60's Girl Group Songs On Karaoke

Singing The 50's and 60's Girl Group Songs On Karaoke

Published On: 03-19-2014 05:16pm

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When I was about 11 years old back in the mid 1960's, I got my first transistor radio and listened to it constantly. I even put it under my pillow at night, turned the volume up high, and fell asleep listening to my favorite Girl Group songs. The tunes and lyrics stayed in my head for years and years to come.


When I started singing karaoke in the late 90's, I sang a lot of songs from the girl groups from the 1950's and 1960's. These groups included The Ronettes, The Chiffons, The Crystals, The Shirelles and The Shangri-Las.


I  loved singing, "One Fine Day" by The Chiffons and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", The Shirelles. I also liked singing "He's A Rebel", The Crystals, "Walking In The Rain", The Ronettes, and "Leader Of The Pack", The Shangri-Las.  Over the years, I learned many of their other songs and I still get a kick out of singing them at karaoke. Many of the younger generation at karaoke know these songs from listening to their parents' or even their grandparents' vintage 45 records. They seem to enjoy my renditions.


People that listen to my singing on singing websites tell me I'm a natural at the girl group songs and that this genre fits me very well.  I also like to rock it up with 80's and 90's music and sing songs by artists like Pat Benatar, Joan Jett or The Cranberries. These songs can be much more challenging to sing than the old girl group songs, but they are just as fun.  

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Thanks for listening! 

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Reader's Comments

By TheSingingBeader on 03/20/2014 @ 02:18pm

Hey, thanks for listening! :)

By craftingmemories on 03/20/2014 @ 02:16pm

Yes, you do have the voice for that era. Great job!

By ShadowDogDesigns on 03/20/2014 @ 01:39am

How fun! Will have to come back later and listen!

By SolanaKaiDesigns on 03/20/2014 @ 12:10am

That's so cool, Connie! I listened to "Be My Baby" and you are right, your voice fits it very well! I, too, am of that era and loved the girl bands, particularly the Motown ones!

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