Back To School Marching Band Music Student Jewelry

Back To School Marching Band Music Student Jewelry

Published On: 08-09-2014 01:03am

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The Singing Beader's shop sells many hand-constructed music themed jewelry items. Some of the most popular sold are the flute, clarinet, and drum necklaces and earrings. Other instruments for sale include, oboe, harp, tuba, saxophone, cello and trombone. All sterling silver musical instruments charms with chain come with a gift box. All components including the chain are .925 sterling silver. These are a great gift for the music student for birthday or Christmas.


The Singing Beader also constructs metal musical instrument necklaces and earrings, suitable for the younger music student. They can be worn by both girls and boys. Chains may be exchanged for leather cords by request. Currently, trumpets, French horns and saxophones are available.


Some hard to find music instrument jewelry include banjos, accordions, bag pipes, harmonicas, violins, Spinet (upright) and grand pianos. There is also a selection of music note necklaces and earrings, including eighth note and the treble clef note.


Don't forget the guitars! The Singing Beader sells many styles of guitar jewelry, including bass, lead and acoustic (folk).


It would be very fun to wear your musical instrument jewelry when performing in marching, concert band or rock bands. Your friends will want to buy one, too! 

If you are shopping and see that an item has sold, please contact The Singing Beader at contact seller. 

See more music themed jewelry at The Singing Beader's shop section, "Musical Instruments, Etc." at

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