From a doll's perspective ~ A Day at the Lake!

Published On: 11-15-2011 11:12pm

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Orange Stripe Swimsuit 18 doll clothes fits American Girl dolls
Emily's new orange striped swimsuit!

"I can jump farther then you, Emily"  Kellie called between giggles, as she ran down the same pier that her sister had jumped off just moments ago.

Neon Green swimsuit 18 doll clothes fits American Girl Handmade
Kellie's Neon Green swimsuit!


As she surfaced the water she heard Emily saying "Nope!  That wasn't as far as me!"

Kellie looked back to where she thought she had landed in the water. She was sure it was farther than where her sister had landed and was about to say so, when Riley called out to them.

Kellie and Amanda both looked over to see their younger sister waving her fist.  She was holding something.
  Forgeting about the jumping contest, both girls started swimming toward the shore.

Kellie reached her little sister first."Riley, what'd you find?"

Riley opened her hand to reveal a pretty (although sandy) kid's bracelet.  The crafty kind with plastic beads that kids make and design themselves.

"Ahhh..." Said Emily catching up to the other two girls.  "Let's go show mom and dad!"

All 3 girls raced off to where their mom and dad were sitting not far from the water's edge.

"Look what Riley found!"  Emily called as the approached.

Their mom shielded her eyes from the sun as she looked at the bracelet in Riley's hand.

"That's pretty, Riley!" Mom said.

Then looking at all the girls, she said "Maybe tomorrow we will go the craft store and buy some beads so all of you girls can make your own."

"Hurray!" All three girls cheered at once.  Then they ran back to play in the water some more.

**A Note from the doll Kellie (a dolls' perspective): "What would you like to hear a story about?  I would love to hear your ideas!"

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