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Published On: 11-15-2011 11:11pm

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Hello everyone!
 I haven't written my story on my mom's blog, yet, so I thought I'd take a minute and say "hi!".
  My name is Kellie, and I'm an American Girl doll!  (I am not a historical doll, but one of the doll's where the mother gets to pick out the hair and eye color.)  My first mom named me Kellie, but eventually she stopped playing with me, and I was adopted by the mother I now have.
 It's fun living in my adopted mom's house.  She loves to sew doll clothes, and I get to model them!  So also has other American Girl dolls, and Springfield collection dolls, so I have Lots of sisters to play with! 
 Pajama parties are fun!!
18 doll clothes fits American Girl Guitar Music Pajamas PJs
See!  Here I am wearing pajamas with Guitars all over it.  The Guitars make me want to stay up all night and dance to music!  But, mom says even at a slumber party we have to get some sleep.  :(

Dolphin Pajamas Pjs 18 doll clothes fits American Girl  Aqua blue
Here's my sister, Emily!  She likes dolphins! 

In the summer time I like to go swimming!
Leopard print swimsuit 18 doll clothes fits American Girl Sparkles
Here I am in a leopard print swimsuit!

I love to read (especially the American Girl books)!  I also like playing outside, making crafts, and modeling.

My friends have asked me what it's like to model my mom's doll clothes.  I tell them it's a lot of fun!  I get to wear the newest fashions, or wear fun costumes.  Wearing the costumes are my favorite outfits to model, because I can pretend I'm back in the 1950's dancing at a "sock hop" to songs like "rock around the clock", or back in pioneer times (like around the years 1890's to the early 1900's) in very full dresses and pinafores!

 Sparkly White Red Poodle Skirt 18
I'm modeling a Sparkly white poodle skirt with a red poodle in this picture!

Oh, mom just said it's time for lunch, so I have to go now! 

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