It's Monday!!

Published On: 11-15-2011 11:08pm

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday afternoon.
As I was eating lunch today, I was thinking about perspectives.  When I worked in a factory, I wasn't thrilled when Monday mornings rolled around.  It meant leaving my sewing machine to go work at my day job.  I liked my co-workers, and didn't mind the job I was doing, but still it was hard to see Monday come.  It meant I wouldn't have much time to sew until the following weekend.
 Now my day job is my business TracysDesigns1!  Monday's now mean looking forward to another full week of sewing & designing my doll clothes. Picking pretty colors and making outfits for the "girly" doll that loves lace & ruffles and outfits for the "tomboy" doll who perfers dressing in jeans & a t-shirt.
 This morning I have been working on sewing pretty pastel pink t-shirts that fit the 18" American Girl dolls.  Check back into my artfire store this evening to see the finished t-shirts!

So, whether your day job is in your home creating your own beautiful creations, or working a day job outside your home, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

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