Bookstores are where I started

Published On: 07-13-2014 01:02pm

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The marketing of my main woodcrafting product, the wood bookmarks, started in independent bookstores and gift shops.  I actually started by getting references to favorite local bookstores from friends and neighbors and then calling the stores to set an appointment.  All the store owners were friendly and professional. Some decided to carry the bookmarks, others not.  It was a start.

Soon I started to expand beyond the Triangle Area of North Carolina.  Looking at several lists of independent bookstores on the Web,  I started cold calling stores in other states to see if they would like to have the bookmarks for sale in their stores.  I have had pretty good luck with doing this.  Like most people who are not a natural salesperson, I did not always look forward to cold calling.  But somehow I manage to do it.

The bookstore clients I have are wonderful.  They pass on positive comments from their customers and ideas for new bookmark designs.  They have been very supportive of my woodcraft and they like having a handcrafted product for their customers.  Some of the Artfire customers I have had first saw the bookmarks in one of the bookstores, but did not see the design they wanted. They then found the desired design on my Artfire store.

I am very thankful for the bookstores; for the chance they gave me to get started in selling my woodcraft.

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