Branching out with new product (tree ornaments)

Branching out with new product (tree ornaments)

Published On: 08-02-2014 07:48pm

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Soon I will add Christmas tree ornaments as one of my woodcraft products.  They will feature some of the same silhouette cutout designs as my bookmarks.  A piece with the cutout design will be glued to a backer piece of contrasting wood color.

For the last two years, as the Holiday Season approached, I was asked by one of my bookstore clients to make some Christmas tree ornaments from wood.  I did this in early December and felt the pressure to get them done along with my increased Holiday orders from the bookstores for bookmarks.

This year I will have 4 or 5 tree ornament designs listed on my Artfire store by early September.   I want to get an earlier start so I'm ready for my Artfire and bookstore customers. The ornaments will have maple or birch as a lighter colored wood, with walnut or sapele as the darker wood.   Take a look.


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