Why make something to sell?

Published On: 08-19-2014 01:41am

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Something to ponder: Why do we make crafts to sell? 

For me it is a mix of reasons.  Some family members really liked my wood bookmarks and thought I should sell them.  I agreed and thought it was worth trying.   Originally I thought I could make enough to help pay the costs to  continue my craft.  I wanted to keep doing the craft I loved, which is woodworking. 

I think craftspersons all love the process of making the things we have featured on Artfire.  Also I think we like to show others what we make and to express the satisfaction we get from creating something.  In turn, we like others to notice and appreciate our effort.  I think these are all good reasons to be part of Artfire as a seller of handcrafted items that we are proud of.

What do you think?

Reader's Comments

By Guest on 08/20/2014 @ 04:01am

I think the love and joy that you put into your creating your crafts carries through to those who receive them. Even if it just a moment of "Ah! Look at this wondrous beauty!" which, by the way, I have felt over so many of your bookmarks. The peace dove, the turtle, the moon, the sun, the pig, the horse, the ballerina, the horse, and the list goes one. Actually, each time I pick one up I feel the same moment of pure joy. Thank you for doing what you do!

By Guest on 08/20/2014 @ 02:11am

Thank you for sharing!! Very interesting! DLP

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