Pop Tab Bracelet - Upcycled fashion

Pop Tab Bracelet - Upcycled fashion

Published On: 02-22-2012 02:24am

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I recently discovered the joys of pop tabs and all the creative joys they bring. Who knew something so simple could be so fun? I've thrown away (well, recycled really) tens of thousands of these by now I'm sure! In fact, I just gave my mom a huge bag of them!  Then I thought, "Wait a minute, maybe I should look into using some myself." 

Next thing I knew, I had this!


So I thought I would provide a tutorial on how to make this cute bracelet!


*Pop Tabs - this one has 17 but you may need more or less depending on your wrist size
*A few ounces of DK weight yarn (pick colors that suit you!)
*Size H Crochet Hook

Gauge:  Not important, but you will want to keep it loose while you work.


*Arrange two pop tabs so they face the same direction - the upper half overlapping the lower half of the other one.

*Create your slip knot AROUND the space where the tabs overlap.
3SC into the space between the two tabs.

*Add another tab facing the same direction and again with the upper half of the new tab overlapping the lower half of the previous tab. 3SC into this new space.

*Continue step 4 as many times as necessary to get the length needed.

*After you have reached your desired length, do 7SC around the end of the last tab.

*Working your way back up the other side, do 3SC in each open space, just as you did in step 4.

*When you reach the end, do 7SC as you did in step 6 on the starting end of the bracelet. Join to the first SC with a slip knot.

*Add your contrast color to the slip knot and pull through. Ch1.

*SC in each SC around the bracelet. Join at first SC with a slip knot and fasten off.

How you decide to fasten the bracelet is up to you! You could use a pretty ribbon, attach a toggle clasp, do a hook and loop closure, or do a double stranded chain (take each color you used and hold them together and chain to desired length - this is what I did). Be creative!!! 

I suggest choosing a neutral color for the first round and something super fun and spunky for the contrast color. Have fun with this!!!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Let me know if you have any questions!

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By Guest on 04/15/2012 @ 09:54pm

Love it! Great tutorial!

By Guest on 03/19/2012 @ 03:55pm

Looks quick and easy. I'll give it a try

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