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Published On: 07-18-2012 07:53pm

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Hello Everyone

I have made several post's of my blog in the last weeks but for some reason it never ended up to where you could read it. It just went away in the clouds of lost blogs.

Since I think I may have this figured out now. I would like to introduce you to my staff and myself. So here goes.

Here is my little girl who inspires me every day and makes me do whatever she wants when she wants it. Just like a spoiled brat.

  5824      5822   5823

This is Ruby Dew my Dew Drop for Heaven. She will be 10 years old on November the 11th and has a lot of white on her cute little face because of her age. She is in love with Mac that lives kiddy corner from us and he is 11 yeas old and quit the macho dog. She tends to put her hinny in his face and shake it and then walks away with a grin on her face. She thinks she is hot stuff and so does Mac.

Ruby is a rescued dachshund from a drug house that used to live next to me. Once I showed them the light, they gave her to me without a fight. She weighted in at 3.5 pounds and was nothing but skin and bones and was 1.5 years old. Now I am trying to keep her below 14 pounds but she creeps to 16 all the time and she is very happy and plays all the time. She is my inspiration and my little Love Bug.

Now we come to my Mother in Law. Who for the most part is my best friend and my biggest fan of my handmade jewelry. Here is her picture.

5825   5826

Mom is 76 years old and she does all of the packaging and shipping of the orders that come in daily. She is very proud of me and we work very well together. She would do anything for me when it comes to my business. She know how hard I work and how far behind I am on any given day. She strings beads without complaint and then shows me all her wire cuts and bead cuts she acquired while breaking down strands or making new strands for sale. She adds the price tags to every thing and organizes all of the beads in a certain category. She also counts out all the findings and bags them up nicely and adds that extra touch to each package she sends out with a cute little sticker or what ever she can find. Each and every package is put together with love and imagination.

The picture on the right is her with her best friend who lives in St George Utah. When I have nothing else going on then i go there to do a show that is put on every Saturday Morning and Judy will come and help me out but bringing her items to sell and if I do not have a small table for her then she will cover my jewelry with her yard sale items. "LOL"  She is quit the character and a lot of fun to work with. Judy is the one person that started me out and encouraged me to do shows and this one in St. George is the first one I  ever did. She comes to a lot of my shows that is close to her and helps me out when she can. She goes through my earrings and picks out all the ones she likes and takes those home for payment. It is so funny because she is the one who volunteered to help me when I really did not need any one to help. I always have loved the way she seems to help herself to whatever she likes of my jewelry. She has always told me she would pay me when she gets home but it never happens. Boy does she know how to work me. "LOL"  I love her though and she is a great worker so I really do not mind it when she helps herself to what ever she wants. She does wear a lot of my jewelry when she works for me to show it off and then she forgets that she is wearing it when she goes home with a ton of jewelry on. "LOL" I love the way she works me. It is very slick. She is a beautiful women inside and out. She just lost her husband to cancer about a year ago. It was a very sad time for all of us.

Next is my Ex Husband Dallas. Here he is with Guess Who?


We are getting in the car to go to the pet store to get Ruby a new Toy to tear up."LOL" She is quit the card to say the least. She has my Ex wrapped around her tail as well. She is adorable. You can see in this picture that they both are getting white together. 

Dallas makes necklaces and earring sets for me to sell. He has come up with the most beautiful combinations that I would have never thought of. He's jewelry seems to sell very well. He likes to use crystals with different colors of fresh water pearls and a lot of jade with fresh water pearls as well. He puts colors together that just do not seem to go together but when he is done, it is amazing. He does just the plain stringing because he does not know how to seed bead. Sometimes a plainly strung necklace can be the most beautiful and unusual  piece you have seen in a long time and that is what Dallas does. He puts gemstones together and colors together that any normal person would shy away from but not Dallas. Sometimes he closes his eyes and grabs strands of gemstones off the wall in an abstract way and then puts them together. It does not matter the shape, size, color or type of gemstone he is working with. The only thing that bugs me to death is the fact that he will take everything down and pull it apart but never ever put's anything back. He will leave it sitting there in its glory until domes day or someone else puts it back together and back on the wall where they all belong. I am talking 50 to 100 strands at a time for one piece of jewelry not just a couple of strands. Oh and did i tell you that he takes them all apart too and leaves them all over the studio tables and the floor? Well that is the way of it with him. I don't know if I want him to make jewelry or not. It sells well but the clean up never ends. It takes hours to clean up after him. I finally told him that he can not make any more jewelry until he learns how to clean up after himself so now he throws it all in a big bag and leaves it for me to put it all back together, but now I have to spend a day sorting the beads. I do not know what is worse, letting him leave it all over the place and on the floor or putting all in a bag and still leave the beads on the floor. Now until he can figure out how to clean up his mess as he goes, I won't let him near my studio any more. I am still cleaning up and sorting beads from him trying to rearrange my studio and dropping all seed beads every where from size 15 on up to the largest of my beads. In other words, everything that was not tied down ended up on the floor every where and in every thing. He still has not finished my studio so I have been getting to it. When it is done, I will show you pictures of it all. Then you can see my wall of gemstones.

Last but not least ME....The person who does all the work including the dirty work.

6509  6510

I do not have many pictures of me. I am the one who takes the pictures so the first one is the picture I use for all of my blogs and websites. "I do have a few." We will get to that latter. The second picture is of me and my cousin Jill who lives in Spokane Washington with her husband and 2 teenage boys. The necklace I am wearing is one that I made of fresh water pearls in one strand and the other is a brass chain with a brass pendant that I made with a blank brass circle and my dapper tool. I pounded my way into a beautiful picture of a Woman's head with flowing hair blowing back in a breeze. It is very pretty and I sold it right off of my neck and the matching earrings too, just as soon as I left my cousins house. Every time I make me a piece of jewelry no matter what it is, I will sell if off of my body. It is like I have a sale sign stuck to my forehead. I don't make jewelry for my self any more. It just is too hard to make something I really like just to wear it once and go home without it. Mom finally noticed that I leave wearing earrings and a necklace I made for myself and come home jewelry naked. "LOL"

I am the one that does all of the listings on all of my sites. I take the pictures and edit them to as close to reality as I can get. Most of the time I am right on but sometimes it is so difficult to get it right. I have had to take pictures of some items 4 and 5 times before I could get it right to list. Some items I have had for almost a year trying to get the pictures right so i can list it. It seems that there is some gemstones that I just can not get right and will never get them listed. Then there are the gemstones and headpins along with silver spacer beads that never ever get listed because they get sold before I can get the pictures taken. I do bulk sales as well. When you do a bulk purchase, you save money big time. It depends on the product and how much you purchase of that product. We will get into that on another blog latter.
I not only do all the pictures, editing, and listings, I also take care of all the customers on line. I do reserved listings and special sales as well. The special sales are when a customer wants just a few of a certain gemstone for a pair of earrings for themselves that they need for a special occasion that is coming up in the near future. In most case's, I have the beads to do that with and will. But it does cost extra money to do that. This is because it costs so much money for the packaging of the items and the time it takes to find what they are looking for and all the items it takes to get those 2 to 4 beads to them. It is really not worth it and in the long run it is cheaper to just purchase a small strand of the gemstones and that way you are able to make a necklace or a bracelet to match. Or you can make earrings to give as gifts to friends and family for a special occasion as well.

Then there is the purchasing of all the items I sell plus introducing new items into the mix and then keeping them all straight. Once they are packaged or strung and priced by Mom with the directions that I gave her then they need to be put away. I also have to make sure that when I am low on a product that sells well and is a staple of my inventory, it needs to go on a list and reordered. I am always looking for good deals on quality products all the time. So that is another one of my jobs. I also keep the studio cleaned and organized as best I can. I do shows and all set ups of tables and beads, jewelry, findings, collectables etc etc. I have so many hats that i wear that maybe someday I will be able to make jewelry again. Until then I am in the process of building the 2 sites that are up and running right now into sites that have at least 5,000 and up towards 10,000 different items for sale at under retail prices. The better price I get, the better price I can give you.

I pretty much do it all and I work 14 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every once in a while I will take a day off and sleep. I will not get out of bed at all. I watch TV and sleep sleep sleep. When I do that, I find it hard to get back on that horse and get to work again and stay that way. Even when I do take a day off to sleep and catch up on energy, I still have my computer on and check my sites for questions and sales that need to go out. If I do have a question, I answer it and if I have a sale, then I get them together and put each order into a little blue container that looks like mini laundry baskets with no holes. LOL  I put each order in one of its own and stack them up and then deliver them to my Mother in Law for processing and delivery to the customer.

Oh and I can not forget the Discount programs I have in place to give to my re-customers as an incentive to come back a make more purchases of there beads and gemstones along with the findings needed to make their products that they make. I have a discount program for "Jewelry Supplies", "Collectables", "Jewelry, handmade or bought for resale" and last but not least "Rings" I have customers that love rings of all kinds and buy all the rings I have in stock in one form or another. So I have set up a program for this. The programs I have in place are not in my policies. Once you qualify for a program or get close to qualifying then I send you the information needed in an email.  Some have even gotten a partial discount on a order that they qualify and then go over enough to get a discount on top of it. That sure puts a smile on a customers face.
On Etsy you get a coupon in your business name or a name or word of your choice to use on all purchase's that quailfiy for that discount. I let the customer take over the first discount and if they purchase enough to make it to the second discount then they email me to get that discount on top of the first discount. You can easily get the largest discount of 40% off entire order plus free shipping. You have to be a repeat customer to do it and you have to qualify. I have had many customers get this discount right after qualifying. It built up there stash and saved them a ton of money that they would have never saved at a retail store on line or at their brick and mortar shop. I hope I can get some of you to do that as well.

Well that is it for this blog. I know it is long and I do apologize for that. The next blog will be coming soon. In that blog I will give you a time schedual of the way my blogs with be posted and the subjects we will be discussing along with a few tid bits of mine and Ruby Dews life here at Cline Jewels. Plus I like to have a cute quote or a great clean joke to tell you all.

Until then Please all of you stay safe and Happy beading.

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