My first Seed Beaded Items I Made To Sell

My first Seed Beaded Items I Made To Sell

Published On: 07-19-2012 07:14am

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                                      SEED BEAD DESIGNS

This was the first seed bead project I ever did. It took me 2 full weeks to do and I worked on it for at least 8 to 10 hours a day non-stop.  It is made with size 15 Delica's seed beads, gold leaves that one side is AB, 2 colors of cubes that are Delica's. The stems that the leaves and cubes that are suppose to be the buds are on a light green and a dark green size 15 seed bead. I made a bud end with the seed beads to add the cubes and the leaves to.

The stem of the lariat is in a brown variegated seed bead and a shiny bronze coppery seed bead that is in the center with the variegated browns going around them in a spiral that makes the rope have glints of a beautiful sparkle in a bright shiny golden copper. It is beautiful. I sold it 3 years ago when I had a 1 day 30% off sale on my entire stock for the Christmas holiday. I sold all of my seed beaded necklaces and bracelets that day except 1 and that was because the sale ended and she did not have enough money to get the last couple of seed beaded items so she got what she had the money for and came back the next day for the last one. Below is the pictures of a few of the necklaces I sold that day.

The above one Is a patent design that I made after I did the lariat with the leaves.


Sometimes it is nice just to have a rope in size 15 seed beads. As you can see, I have a thing for size 15 seed beads.


 This one only took me a day to do. Purple was the color of the day. I made on in Black with Gold accents and 3 crystals in the front. I also made one in sterling silver seed beads with pink accents and clear bi-con crystals on the sides going toward the front and graduating into faceted drops that got larger until the middle one which was the largest of the crystal faceted drops. It was gorgeous and then one of the crystals broke when someone was looking at it. It does not take much to break one. All you have to do is hit it just right against something hard and crack there it goes. You might say I lost that sale. LOL


This one is my favorite seed beaded necklace. I still have this one. I wear it every once in a while for special occasions and every time someone offers me money for it and a lot of it. I told them that I would make them one but this one is mine. I lost the sale. They wanted it now and the one I was waring. I can not wear a necklace with out someone somewhere wanting it off of me in one way or another. It just was not happening with this one. It is Mine Mine Mine. LOL

I have one more for you today. This one has Garnets in it, all over it and in it and hanging from it and so on and so on.  Well let me show you and you can see for yourself and then tell me what you think.



Here you go. 5 pictures to show you how it was made and how many Garnets are in it. The color is different but the Garnets go with it just fine. I got a lot of people really liking this one. I had it sold to a gal that was coming back to pick it up and when I went to take it off of my stand to put it in a box. Another Gal came to me and asked me if I had a extra bi-con in a Garnet like in that necklace. I did not have any more at all and I told her that. At the same time I had another customer that I needed to ring up her purchase. While I was doing that, The other Gal was looking around next to this necklace and then left. I got done with my customer and when over to get the necklace  to put it in a box and wrap it up. I picked it up and seed beads went every where. I held onto it and laid it down to look at it and oh boy, that gal that wanted the extra be-cons, ripped them off of my necklace that was sold and paid for. When she ripped the bi-cons off of the front of it, It also ripped the seed beads all the way up the necklace. It now sits in a bag taped so that it can be repaired once I can find some matching bi-cons in garnet. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that. The Gal that did it never ever came my way again and she was long gone. I was really upset to say the least and had to give the customer her money back. I was not happy at all and either was my customer. She had planned on wearing it to a ball that was for the Marine Corp. All I can say about it is "Some People"!!   If I say any more, I will get into trouble, so I will leave it at that.


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