The Pharaoh of Tokyo

The Pharaoh of Tokyo

Published On: 01-13-2016 03:36pm

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I have always been attracted to textures, natural decay, play of light and shadow and have featured these in many of my art works.
I was very excited to discover a truly talented artist who shared this same passion of mine and we decided to collaborate on a photography project where I would be the model. We started planning, Billy provided me with a very detailed description of his ideas about the location, lighting and overall concept. I did self make up and styling featuring some of my leather and pearl pieces. The look I created resembled an Egyptian pharaoh. I was the ruler of the not so gorgeous streets of Tokyo the photographer chose for the project.

Please enjoy some of the fun photos we created:


Here are Billy's thoughts on our project:

"These days I primarily shoot in Shitamachi– those unpretentious neighborhoods that tourists and upscale Japanese never visit. These are mostly solitary excursions that focus on textures and lines of impossibly haphazard buildings. But somewhere along the way I began to crave an intersection between subject and setting.
It was my good fortune that Eena was the first to answer the call. I explained how I love unexpected contrasts in personalities (cowboys who write poetry, the meek or mild who prove dangerous when crossed). To that end, I was hoping to convey sharp extremes between glamour and decay, elegance and abandon, and to find beauty in both ends of the spectrum.
Eena was perfectly in tune with these ideas, and I look forward to working with her again. She's a perfect foil for my photography!"

Find out more about this talented artist I had so much fun working with:

I will be happy to hear what you think about this project.

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