The Gentle Power of Zin Kato

The Gentle Power of Zin Kato

Published On: 02-05-2016 11:11am

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Tokyo Fashion Week last season (October 2015) was as fabulous as we could expect! But there was one particular collection that I was very much impressed with- Zin Kato! I hadn't heard that name before, but yet- it sounded so familiar to me. Simple and powerful! Sophisticated and enchanting. As were the designs I saw. 

Photo: Eenabo

Luckily I was seated front row at the show, so I could enjoy from closer the perfect performance of tastefully styled gorgeous models, with designs so feminine and intriguing, grabbing me immediately and making me the greatest fan of the brand! 
The collection's designs had the feel and charm of the last century's 20s and 30s. The detail was rich and unique, a lovely combination of sheer fabrics and high-quality lace. A various in color and texture lace! We could notice some embroidery, fringes and sequins adorning various parts of the dresses, including the bottoms. These made the designs especially lively reflecting the light, and made each movement of the models sexier and so feminine. You immediately feel that the designer gave a life to his exquisite creations! 

Photo credit- Tokyo Fashion Week official website

The prevailing colors of the collection were pastel which amazed me further- how did Zin Kato achieved so much with such challenging tones?! Definitely the richness of the designs were in a great balance with the neutral nuances he used, with only simple touches of gold and silver in the accessories. 

Photo credit- Tokyo Fashion Week official website

The show was great and I felt like I was in a fairy tale, filled with so much beauty and imagination- the imagination of the great artist Zin Kato, who captivated me and revealed yet another world of Japanese uniqueness! 

The full collection can be seen on the official Zin Kato website or Tokyo Fashion Week website. Watch the SS2016 runway video here.

Here are some photos of me and friends after the show:

I am wearing Tenbo official 10 000 crane dress.

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