Dark Fashion Photo Project

Published On: 04-29-2016 01:17pm

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Category: Artistic Collaborations

I recently discovered Yohji Yanagisawa's brand and loved their fashion. It only features black and grey and all fabrics are dyed by hand by the designer himself.
I visited their studio and selected several pieces for my next photo project- for some time I had planned a dark fashion photo shoot featuring black as a main colour. I also selected some black/silver jewelry from my own collection (Eenabo Jewelry), and bought a black wig to create the look I was envisioning. I did my black make up by myself after testing two times before that.

I worked with talented photographer Ahnick Buhniya who is currently based in Yokohama. The shooting location he suggested was in Yokohama bay, and more specifically, the red brick warehouse- a famous historical landmark. The atmosphere was great despite being too crowded. The only problem the crowd created was that there were huge lines for the toilets, and it took me too much time to change my clothes. Ahnick was very professional and patient and we managed to finished the shooting as planned.

Enjoy some of the photos:




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