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Published On: 02-11-2013 01:45am

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There are many things we take for granted on a daily basis.........heat, weather, clothes, showers, hot water, food, the ability to get in the car and just go!

This past weekend has taught me alot....I have been through power outages during hurricanes.........Irene did us in for about 10 hours during the day. not sot bad....for us.
but for others it was devastating! People lost not only their power for days and weeks, but their homes, and in some case lives.

I have been though Blizzards, I live in New England, the blizzard of 78' was the BIG ONE because we were caught off guard!   and there were other notable winters and large snow storms............but none had the impact on me that this one did!

24" of snow that fell over a span of 26 hours.... complete with high hurricane force winds, thunder, lightening and of course snow lots of it!  drifting and swirling and menacing snow coming down at times at a rate of 2-3" per hour.

At one point there was 75% of this little city's power out, and then of course so did mine at 11:30 at night. The Power lines pulled away from the house and laid themselves across my snow laden lawn, fence and my truck...first thoughts are what to do, any fire, any sparks, any other damages? who to call? what to do? it's 11:30 and the winds are howling.........

I am not a person who is easily scared of anything, I take things as they come and I roll along with the things I can and take control of the things I need to. I live with my older sister and my 92 yr old Dad........he used to do all this and now I feel like it;s all my I got on my new fangled  smart phone and connected to the web and got the necessary numbers to call............
and that began my journey............

lights out at 11:30 Friday nite and back on at noon Sunday..........there are many still without power from this storm. it's a storm that hit in many of the same areas that have already be ravaged by other recent storms, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene, Tornado that are almost unheard of around here, rains that are so heavy they flooded areas in epic portions.  This year alone we had rains that buried cars, excessive heat waves, hurricanes, and now this SnowStorm Nemo.......(when did they decide we needed to name winter storms anyway!

Okay so what did I learn?

That on a daily basis I take things for granted, the safety of my Dad and Sister, the ability to come and go, the "things" that I have, the friends I have made online and off as a result of my business, that there are people out in the world who are alone!

and that's where I find myself now........wondering about those folks and how do I help them more.

I have a wonderful force of customers who make knitted and crocheted squares for me to assemble into afghans for the soup kitchen to give out to those who need them.
I collect canned and foods and Monies for those same kitchen during special functions at the shop.
While I spent the weekend trying to keep my Dad, sister and myself warm with ideas and suggestions, it hit me!  We had hot water and a gas stove to cook on, so many others did not!  But -------there are those who don't have those things on a daily, weekly, monthly basis............what were the thoughts going through my can I do more that I do now???  How?? were all the homeless brought to the shelters, are we going to read about them tomorrow ...........and what more can I do............I haven't fully decided what that will be  but I have several ideas that I will be unveiling later this week! 
Please look for them! Right here in this blog I will alert everyone via FB, Twitter and more!
If you were caught up in the bad weather of this past storm or this past thoughts and heart is with you, as are my prayers.

Thanks for listening!

Reader's Comments

By DefiantCreations on 02/13/2013 @ 08:28am

Waiting for your ideas! :)

By JimJuris on 02/11/2013 @ 04:12pm

Karen, I am so happy to hear that you and everyone are doing fine. Luckily, you were only inconvienced for a few days rather than for a week or several weeks.

By MumgoDesigns on 02/11/2013 @ 01:04pm

Happy to see that you and your family are safe. I wish there were more people on this Earth with the same heart as you have. I will be checking back to see what your ideas are :-)

By SnuggleBugBabyandME on 02/11/2013 @ 12:49pm

It takes a special person to think of others during a catastrophe such as this storm. I'm proud to know a fellow ArtFire family is doing something. Keep it up, and wishing you peace and warmth.

By PearsonStudiOCD on 02/11/2013 @ 11:32am

That is so true Karen. I think most of us take these things for granted and forget about those that do without. I feel so helpless at times and want to do so much more.

By Sewnfromtheheart on 02/11/2013 @ 05:03am

Amen! Let me know what I can do to help! (((((hugs))))) I pray you and your family stay safe!

By Guest on 02/11/2013 @ 01:53am

So true..every word..I needed a good cry...let me help you execute those ideas

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