Random Acts of Kindness or being diligent and getting what needs to be done........

Published On: 04-17-2013 04:55pm

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this Past weekend we had an affair at my shop known as a Yarn Tasting.
Everyone who attends must bring two non-perishable food items or $5.00.
In return they get a goodie bag of samples of our newest yarns! and a couple of surprises.
this year we featured Kramer Yarns all made in America yarns using home grown fibers natural, animal and man-made. We had a wonderful time snacking, drinking (coffee, soda etc) and sitting and knit or crocheting!
in the end we made $130 cash for the soup kitchen and about three boxes of non-perishable foods was brought in!
Tony from the soup kitchen and his son came in to pick it all up on Monday. The foods were to go to the local Veterans office, where they will be given out in goodie bags to the Vets and their families................

In talking to Them, I found out that the son Greg has been battling cancer and battling.
and Tony had a stroke in 1999............
So what am I doing...............I have nothing that I can complain about, and nothing I should complain about. I have a roof over my  head, great family, great friends, and am working doing what I love to do!..
Random Acts of Kindness---------do what you can on the spur of the moment for someone less fortunate.
Planned acts.--------------volunteering at a shelter or on a soup kitchen team, or giving blood..............

all in all  it was a great weekend with lots of lessons learned and then here in Boston Ma man made disaster struck..........but that's for another day.....
Prayers for the killed and wounded...........healing thoughts for all involved! the physical  scars may heal but the physiological wounds will be long lasting and lingering............our thoughts and prayers are with all who need them. 

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