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Published On: 11-10-2011 12:28am

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Okay, where to start? Umm nothing really happened today except I made some Christmas earrings for my B & M store. Snowmen, angels, and stars were on the agenda today and anything else sparkly that jumped out of my bead pile. 

You have to watch that bead pile, it is a source of constant inspiration, but also has a tendency to get out of hand. The last time I cleared this particular bead mat it took me 5 days (on and off) to separate and bag each color and type. I am totally disorganized when it comes to my work area, but it does kick-start my beading muse when it comes to ideas for my next project. Who needs a color wheel when you have a bead pile? LOL

I purchased a cute pin cushion as a stocking filler for my friend for Christmas. I purchased it from  http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/JBCustoms. JB has some really pretty and unique items in her store. I hope someone thinks to buy me one of these pin cushions for Christmas. (Hint hint.)

JB Customs Pin Cushion

I am currently adding items to this store and it will grow day by day. My latest additions are some baby moccasins I beaded. I hope you like them. You can either purchase the moccasins listed, or you can custom order a pair in your choice of colors.  The choice is yours. I am only an email away if you have questions or concerns.

Ceylon Pink Beaded Baby Moccasins

Until next time, stay warm!

Simply Rhiannon

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