Great Ideas That Make Really Special Gifts

Great Ideas That Make Really Special Gifts

Published On: 02-13-2012 07:32am

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If you need some inspiration for gift giving ideas, you should read this blog!  I've garnered some ways that you can put together a nice presentation to make your expression special, whether it be an expression of love, appreciation, or celebration.  There are ideas for anyone and for many occasions in this article.

I've been coming up with gift ideas for so many years, and I know the feeling of despair at not knowing what to give.  After so many years, what else can you do that you haven't done before?  Hopefully, some of my ideas may help you or inspire you.  Please share any additional ideas you may have -- comment on this blog!  I welcome your thoughts!

3476 3484   
There are as many ideas of things you can put in a box as there are small items that will fit!  Gear your choice to the special interests of the recipient.  If this gift is for traditional giving, you can find a nice piece of jewelry or a watch to go inside, which indicates that it will be used as a jewelry box. The par excellence of all jewelry are diamonds of some form or another.  What bigger surprise could she get than to open an unassuming box and find an engagement ring inside!  Other ideas for giving that big surprise "in cognito":  a GPS, a cell phone, or an iPod. 

3537 3480

These boxes can be used for storing personal items other than jewelry. There are many pretty hair accessories, which could make a beautiful display in one of these boxes.  I have a barrette listed on this site made of handmade paper that would be lovely in a box that is made of matching paper.  The yellow box with natural leaves, or the box with yellow petals and ferns would be perfect to put this barrette into for a gift that would impress her by your thoughtful preparation.  Other ideas of personal items:  golf tees/gloves, darts/extra tips, silk scarf, nail polish/manicure accessories, or book light/bookmarks and personalized book plates. 

3507 3530

Perhaps your gift recipient likes treats or sweets!  (And who doesn't!) One of our aunts loves macadamia nuts, but they can be expensive.  A pretty box with a small quantity of something that one buys only as an occasional treat, or doesn't buy for oneself, is perfect for putting in one of these boxes. After the treats are gone, there is a lovely box to keep and use.  Other ideas of treats are: wrapped candies, trail mix, chocolate covered pretzels, a bag of gourmet jelly beans, or gum balls. 

3511 3510

The large rectangular boxes are just the right size for 3 by 5" index cards. If you're giving the gift to someone who likes to cook, you can purchase some cards that are made for recipes, or even print your own and include some recipes.  You can handprint them or you can look up recipes online if you don't have any of you own.  The recipes could be relevant to the reason for the gift: holiday cookies for the specific holiday, birthday cake for a birthday, Pumpkin bread/pie around the fall, etc.  Other ideas are: a coupon box with dividers including some coupons, such as diapers, baby wipes, etc. for a baby shower; business card file; or an idea file, perhaps including some ideas for projects, such as craft ideas for a craft hobbyist. The internet is a great source of ideas to help you brainstorm.

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Valentine's Day or an anniversary are perfect occasions for a heart-shaped box filled with treats or something special.  There are numerous wrapped candies for this purpose, or perhaps make a small "kit" for a romantic evening with some scented candles, rose petals, and a corkscrew for that bottle of wine or champagne on the side!  Maybe even some flavored lipgloss would be a nice addition!  Some other ideas for romance: set of candles, bath salts, lingerie panties, or for a man, silk boxers.

3512 3514

Perhaps luxury is what you want to impart to your giftee.  You could enclosed some massage oil or moisturizer samples, bath salts, flakes or oil beads, and fancy soaps. Make it extra-luxurious by adding a ticket for a day of pampering at a spa or at a favorite salon.  A brochure or business card for a day of beauty or spa treatment with some rose petals would be very romantic! A series of massages is another good idea.  Other tickets that would be "dressed up" by a box: lottery tickets, plane tickets, concert tickets or tickets to a show or movie, to name a few. If you choose movie tickets, have some fun and use plain popcorn as filler, and include a "fun size" box of candy that you'd find at the snack counter. 

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Perhaps you can't afford a luxury spa or massage therapy.  In this case, you can put in some good old fashioned IOUs!  I did this once for my husband. You can have a lot of fun with this one and get as naughty as you like... but I won't go there!  One of the IOUs I gave him was a night to watch war movies with me, which he loves and I don't!  It can be as simple as an IOU for a car wash, wax, and detail, or some other mundane chore, such as "10 loads of laundry washing", "a month's worth of dish washing", or "cleaning the bathroom"!  You can promise the world, but only "give" what you're willing and capable of giving -- don't get carried away!

3517 3518

Is your gift recipient a collector of some sort?  Some collectibles would fit nicely in a box.  Coins, stamps, a pocket knife, small statue, vintage jewelry, key fobs, baseball cards, shot glasses, small vintage bottle, etc.  Anything small could go for this category.  Use your imagination!


Another area of interest deals with the importance and popularity of scents. Many valuable perfumes and colognes come in small bottles that would look very sharp nestled in a bed of colorful"grass" or sparkly cellophane.  Maybe make a "bed" of silk hankies or lacy panties.  Instead of perfume with the hankies or panties, put some small sachets for her drawer.  They make these and package them in paper envelopes, or you can make one by putting scented potpourri in some material and drawing it up with a nice ribbon.  Other "scented" ideas are candles, potpourri, wax tarts, incense with a small burner, votive candles, tea candles with a small holder, or a mixture of a few of these items to make a small gift box.

3536 3519

If your recipient is far away, perhaps some stationery or small blank cards would be nice, with some stamps.  Pre-paid phone cards or other gift cards are too small to wrap, but sometimes don't seem quite enough alone.  Put one in a box with some pretty filler and that would be a nice presentation!  If she or he is not one to write or call, maybe put a note cube inside, or some small note pads, with some mini pens, which you can find at dollar or department stores. Everyone has to write a reminder note sometimes!  Maybe add some interesting paper clips.  They have them in many different colors and shapes at office supply stores.

3534 3520

When placing your items in the box there are a lot of choices for filler to pack around you items. Depending on what time of year it is, different things may be available.  For spring, there are many colors and types of Easter grass available.  In the fall, raffia, pinecones, dried leaves or petals are a good choice. In the winter, you could use tinsel or a small piece of garland, small Christmas balls, or white cotton batting with sparkles to mimic snow.  Some other ideas at any time of year: silky fabric, tissue paper, crinkled shredded paper, marbles, or glass pebbles.  The seashells below are a unique choice for the heart box with the shell design on top!  She wouldn't suspect finding a ring among these shells!

3522 3535

Another cute idea for Easter is to put small plastic eggs inside the box. Each small egg can have something different inside.  A ring, necklace, coins, candy, charms, lottery tickets rolled up, tokens, etc.  Or each egg could have a clue for a scavenger hunt for some special gifts.  You could have a lot of fun with this one. It would be a nice idea for kids that are too old for an egg hunt. 

Whatever you end up giving, just give with your heart! When they said that "it's the thought that counts", they said it wisely.  If you put a lot of thought into your gift, it shows, no matter how much you've spent.  I've given expensive gifts, and I've given gifts that cost me next to nothing when I had nothing to give. The appreciation given me was proportionate to the thought or effort that I had put into the gift, and not the money I spent.           

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