Personalized Beach Sand Painting Unveiled

Personalized Beach Sand Painting Unveiled

Published On: 04-21-2012 04:56pm

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I recently unveiled my newest sand painting, a personalized beach scene! So many people really love the beach, so it's a very popular theme for weddings and also home decor. Personalizing a gift gives it a special connection, which makes this new item a great gift idea for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, or housewarmings.

This is an exclusive design that I created for the beach lover in each of us! I wanted to simulate the experience of the waves swirling at your feet as you walk through the wet sand. Shells scattered on the sand, complete the scene.

The names shown display an example of how it can be personalized for a wedding, anniversary, or engagement gift. The personalization can be adapted for a housewarming with the last name of the new homeowners and the date the home was established. For a birthday or the birth of a child, it can be personalized with the name and date.

The art is created with many layers of sand fostering the illusion of sand pushed away to form the letters. Several media are combined to simulate the effect of foaming waves. 

The mat is covered with handmade recycled paper and accented with my own handmade cornhusk paper. The cornhusk paper reminds me of seaweed or beach grass. The shells are natural, in a variety of shapes and colors, that compliment the colors of sand used in the rest of the piece.

The outer frame is also sand painted with an interesting texture, which reminds me of the sand found on a natural beach that contains broken shells. The effect is really attractive in combination with the natural seashells. Anyone who loves the beach will have plenty of tactile reminders of their special place!  How wonderful would this be to give to a couple that had a tropical honeymoon?  This would be a wedding gift they could really cherish!

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By natureloftart on 08/06/2013 @ 12:02am

I am so pleased that you and your husband like your painting so much! I enjoyed working on it. I love the unique beauty of the shells. They are all just a little different, making each one as individual as we are! I love finding the best ones for each painting. I'm thankful that my work is appreciated! Thanks for your kind words!

By Guest on 08/01/2013 @ 11:26pm

I ordered the Customized Beach Sand Shadowbox & it was even more beautiful in person. The detail was exquisite & something that my husband & I will cherish for many years to come! When we opened the package it literally took our breath away-- the best gift I've gotten all year... HANDS DOWN! Thank You Sue for sharing your talent with us :)

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