Gifts That Will Make Dad Happy on Father's Day!

Gifts That Will Make Dad Happy on Father's Day!

Published On: 06-07-2012 01:50pm

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Father's Day is fast approaching! It seems like a lot of fuss is made for Mom on her special day, but let's face it, she couldn't do it without Dad! Showing your father how much you appreciate his contribution and attention to you over the years is so important.  And just like Mom, he'll appreciate whatever gift you present, but it would be nice to give him something unexpected, if not extraordinary to show you care.

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You can add some zeal to the typical gifts for Dad by either grouping them together as a package, choosing something related with a different twist, or combining it with something that adds value to it. Approaching it in one of these ways shows thoughtfulness, no matter what you end up with, and as they say, that's what counts! 

Grouping items that are simalar in a package shows an element of thoughtfulness that elevates an ordinary gift to a special one.  For instance, you could group some favorite items such as sports accessories or food selections. Assemble a pizza kit with either a package of pizza dough mix or a pre-made crust, sauce mix or a can of pre-made sauce, and Dad's favorite toppings. A favorite DVD goes perfect with this package! Adding some items that he can keep, make the simple items more special, such as a nice pizza pan, napkins printed with a favorite theme, or a jazzy pizza cutter.  I saw a Star Trek themed pizza cutter online that would give a little tickle to a "trekkie".

Choosing an ordinary gift item such as a tie tack, cuff links, or a tie, but with a different twist, adds some spice to a run-of-the-mill gift.  If your father loves baseball, get him cuff links made from part of a famous stadium.  I saw cuff links offered online containing a piece of stadium seating. Maybe this would spark some memories and you can add some tickets or frame a photo from a good time spent at a favorite game. 

Another idea is to get a plain colored tie and have the kids decorate it with laundry markers or stamp it with permanent ink for fabrics. They make a wide variety of stamps, so you'd be sure to find something he likes. Make a tie tack with fimo clay and imprint it with a fingerprint from each of the kids. Swirling two colors together, can perhaps mimic marble for a classier look. Or how about one of the hard case wallets instead of a leather one?  I've seen decorated cases online by other ArtFire artisans.  What a great idea!

Taking an ordinary item and then combining it with something you might not think of for Dad, will give him a unique item to enjoy along with a more traditional gift.  Give him a tie or two and put them in one of my large boxes.  These boxes are about the size of an index card box, and he can use it for a variety of uses, such as storing tie tacks, rings, and cuff links, or for index or business cards at the office.

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On a smaller scale, you can give him a tie tack in one of my trinket boxes.  He can use it to store a few tie tacks, some change, or even paper clips at the office. Other examples that would pair nicely with a decorated box would be some monogrammed handkerchiefs, personalized M&Ms (sports logos or a phrase), game items (darts, poker kit, golf), shaving items (razor and blades, shave cream, and aftershave), or bar items (shot glasses, opener, and coasters). He may not be expecting anything else until he lifts the lid, and then…surprise!

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There are so many possibilities for personalization and unique items to be found online.   I even saw personalized Tabasco sauce!  You could get some of your father's favorite condiments, and personalize them yourself. Make up your own labels with photos and give them humorous names.  Or tell a little story that you remember from notable parties or picnics that are relevant to the specific condiment. That would make him take a second look, and maybe give him a little smile or a laugh on Father's Day! Try this idea with beverages, candy bars, and other packaged foods.

If you want to put less time into a nice idea, try finding some kind of monthly club for one of Dad's favorite things.  They have clubs for just about anything you can think of, for example Bacon-of-the-Month, Shirt-of-the-Month, and Breakfast-of-the-Month Clubs. Your gift can keep giving all year long when you arrange this monthly delivery for your dad.  Some other monthly clubs you can find online are for: cigars, beer, salsa, ice cream, jerky, hot sauce, and barbeque sauce.  Give him a certificate for his "special thing-of-the-month club" in one of my boxes, if you want to add impact and an element of remembrance.

If Dad likes to grill, there are a lot of things you can find with a barbeque theme. Although "dads and grilling" is not a novel idea for gift giving, you can find something in that genre that's uncommon. An interesting idea would be to get him a few steaks with his own brand emblazzoned on them!  They sell branding irons for steaks, giving Dad just a little of that cowboy fun!  Or perhaps a leather apron would be more practical. A more personal touch would be to get a canvas apron and have it decorated by the kids.  Place some utensils or photos of special barbeques-past in the pockets. A cordless grill light is another gift he might not think to buy for himself.

If you want to gather some photos of some special times you had with your dad in a more formal way, make a photo collage using one of my sand mats, and place it in a frame for him. These sand painted mats are unique and set off your personal photos beautifully. Take a photo of all the kids holding a sign with your sentiments, and place it in the collage. The photos would really make him smile with a big sign to remind him of what a great dad he is!

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Maybe Dad will hang his special photo collage in his den or office. If you like the sand painting, but want something that's already ready to frame, check out my wolf sand painting. Wolves are a popular wildlife subject, and this one is uniquely done in sand with acrylic paint. It fits in an 8x10" frame. It is varnished for protection and can be framed without glass like a painting on canvas.

If Dad is in the medical field, I have a sand painting with the frame already included.  It is a unique interpretation of the medical symbol with two snakes spiraling around the winged staff.  It has a southwestern motif. The sand is done in various layers, creating a shallow relief pattern to the design. It is definitely one-of-a-kind!

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Dads that like that western flair may appreciate the southwestern patterned light switch covers in my studio. I have several Native American inspired designs for single switch, double switch, and/or outlet covers. They feature copies of my original artwork in a plexiglass cover. The images include a buffalo skull, a cactus, a plain desert design, and a river landscape with an American Indian face superimposed on a cliff. 

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One final idea for the Native American or southwest theme is for a ceiling fan pull. My sand painted tree ornament could be dangled from a cord or hung on a wall with other decor. It is decorated with a feather and a sand painted bead designed and created exclusively by me.  

If your father likes to travel, there are interesting variations of maps that would be great decorations for a home office.  There are several options that he could use to mark places that he visited or plans to visit. You can get a traditional map with pins and flags to mark locations, or a map that is a bit different, in which he could scratch-off each state or country he visits. How about a levitating globe for a unique shelf sitter? A more practical gift for a sightseeing dad is binoculars.  For fun, put something funny in front of him when he tries them out!  It might give him a chuckle!

If Dad is into technology, there are some nice gifts that tie into an office theme. Assemble some non-technical items into a collection, such as airplane-shaped paper clips, giant push pins, and include a special USB flash drive. I've seen them made as key chains, or in the shape of many popular characters, and even one that was a silicone bracelet! My husband has one of his favorite character, the Tasmanian Devil!

If you can think of a fun or endearing statement, have it engraved on an iPod or iPad for Dad! Of course, that's at the high end of the cost scale, but there are cheaper things you can do. Get a mouse pad with some personal favorite decoration, or make your own. For my husband's first Father's Day, I made him a mouse pad with photos of our baby with him, and included one of his father holding our baby. He loved it!

Often the least technical things can generate the most emotions, even for stoic dads!  I saw an interesting idea online involving a message in a bottle. You could create a special message for your dad, or have the kids draw something to place in a bottle with a special label.  Some other inexpensive things the kids could make are a money tree, a photo tree, or a chore tree. People have made money trees as gifts by folding dollar bills in a "fan," and then tying them in the middle with a bow to the "branches" of a large twig. Adapt this by using paper with dad's least favorite chores written on them instead of the money. As he "harvests" the chores, he could present them to someone else who would take a turn doing the chore for him! Less exciting than money, but just as thoughtful!

There are as many good ideas for a Father's Day gift as there are good dads who deserve them. With some thought you can give your dad the perfect gift on his special day. A gift that is perfect, not because you spent a lot of money, but perfect because of the love behind the thought. And isn't that all that Dad really wants, after all? Hope your Father's Day is a special one!


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