Day 3 Zero to Video Hero - Quotesperation

Day 3 Zero to Video Hero - Quotesperation

Published On: 03-04-2014 06:40am

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Category: Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge

Day 3 Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge's theme is "Quotesperation". What is Quotesperation? It's quotes that inspire. Watch the video to see what kind of quotes that inspire me.

I also talked about my involvement in Ganoksin's 4th Annual International Online Jewelry Exhibition. It's an honor to be included! Read about it here.

I ran into a problem while recording this video. Some video goofs that I need to solve is to how can I get a clear sound while wearing my microphone. I think the previous video had better sound because I was sitting down thus not much movement on my arms. I paid about $55 for my microphone, it's an improvement over no microphone at all yet it's not the best solution because it's wired. Short one too at 3 feet! 

I'd take any advise if you have one. Please leave a comment :)


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