Day 4 Zero to Video Hero - Inspiration

Day 4 Zero to Video Hero - Inspiration

Published On: 03-05-2014 06:58am

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Category: Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge

I'm proud of myself for getting this far. I've been doing this Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge in four consecutive days. It's a big commitment to me. I thought after the first one I'd drop out. But here I am still going strong.

Today's challenge is to tell the world who or what inspires us.

Find out in the video who/what inspires me. The camera is no longer as scary as it was. We're becoming friends. Wish me luck to finish the challenge with a bang. I think this video is my favorite so far. I mean... look at those abs! ;)

Also, Holly Sugrue was my life saver. She introduced me to the use of mole skin to wrap the microphone head to reduce the rustling noise. It works really well! No more busy cksdckckcskcjcddvslkv noise. 

Here's a picture of my external mic covered with a self adhesive mole skin. Btw, it's just fabric, not a real mole leather. I got it at the foot care section at the local grocery store. It's a store brand because nothing else was available in a thin, no extra padding version. Works for me cos it's actually cheaper. Just a dollar and some cents for the pack.


I hope you enjoy the video! See you tomorrow.


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