Day 9 Zero to Video Hero - Accomplishment

Day 9 Zero to Video Hero - Accomplishment

Published On: 03-12-2014 09:00pm

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Category: Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge

On Day 9 Zero to Video Hero, we're talking about Accomplishment. In this video titled Mission Possible, I talked about my proudest moments both in personal life and business wise.

Watch it in the video below and subscribe to Popnicute channel on YouTube.

It's hard to pick a few for the videos because I have lots of them. Like that moment when I succeeded in making the Indonesian Steamed Cakes that a lot of people have failed that there is a known term "" to blame. And they tasted good too! Mmmmm.. Yummy! The key is to have everything in room temperature and mix the egg and sugar until super fluffy before adding everything else.


The Japanese Steamed Cake is bouncier but also pretty good. I didn't have matcha so I used chocolate. LOL. Chocoholic alert :P Succeeded at first time try! w00t!



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