Day 10 Zero to Video Hero - Book Recommendation

Day 10 Zero to Video Hero - Book Recommendation

Published On: 03-12-2014 09:15pm

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Category: Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge

I've always loved books and read a lot of them since I was little. After school hours, I curled up in bed for hours reading; from manga to novels like chick lit, romantic novels, and Harry Potter. I also learned about jewelry techniques and other crafts a lot from books. Computer has taken over my life and I have to admit books are not as interesting as they used to be for me but from time to time, I still take some times to read them. Here's my Day 10 Zero to Video Hero video and I'm giving you a book recommendation.

Find out what books I love to read in the video below. 
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How about you? What books do you enjoy reading?


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