Day 15 Zero to Video Hero Challenge - Happy Metalsmith Dance

Day 15 Zero to Video Hero Challenge - Happy Metalsmith Dance

Published On: 03-17-2014 06:44am

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Category: Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge

The very LAST DAY of Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge! OMG!! I'm officially a Z2VH alumni now! If you asked me at the end of the first day of doing this challenge, I'd laugh at the idea of completing the challenge! It took me hours to get useful takes and then half a day to have a useful video. But I've grown a fondness to the camera and I don't afraid of it anymore. Anyone's thinking of doing a video should totally do this series of video challenges.

The last task we had to do was to do a graduation dance. I chose the song of the year, the ever popular song Happy by Pharrell Williams. It's a nice happy song. Watch me lip-syncing and dancing to Happy with a flex shaft as a microphone. 

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I didn't really have a script for this last video contrary to the 14 day video routine I've done. I just shot these shots and then select the shots carefully and stitched them together to a finished video. I'm glad I got useful shots. Ha! Let loose!

It's been a fun ride! See you in my next videos!


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