Jewelry Challenge for Earth Day 2014

Jewelry Challenge for Earth Day 2014

Published On: 04-29-2014 03:21am

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Celebrating Earth Day, one of the jewelry groups had a challenge to create jewelry using scraps. Recycle, reuse, upcycle, whatever the term is, the jewelry creation must retain the integrity of the scraps. That's how Earthling was born.

I built a scenery out of scraps. The heart tree and the backplate were cut outs from a couple of my Popnicute Hearts pieces. The cloud lines were leftovers from punching out disks. The fencing, wire border, and clasps were also from scrap wire. It was a fun project. The ceramic beads were mostly orphan beads too.

This is how my scrap bin looked like.

These are the scraps that I carefully picked out of my scrap bin plus this awesome drusy cabochon to wrap.

Reselecting scraps to use.

The heart scrap is pierced. The patination was gorgeous too bad I couldn't keep it!

Soldering the fencing. I hammered each of these 15 stakes one by one to create the flare look.

All soldered and ready to be trimmed.

The fence is wire wrapped. I also riveted the holes where the necklace would hang. I love the half hole rivet on the left. I think it's interesting :)

I thought I was done. But as I selected the beads for the necklace, It's become more apparent that this earth day project was not done yet. The red beads I chose caused an imbalance to the design. I liked the necklace too much to scrap it so I came up with a new border, also created from scrap wire and adorned with these toothy red coral beads.

So here it is, I present you Earthling, the Earth Day necklace. I think the necklace look quite tribal, which I love. Oh, I stamped Popnicute signature at the front because I thought the scenery looked like a painting ;) Art Jewelry!


Happy Earth Day!


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By Guest on 10/10/2014 @ 02:03pm

Just discovered you on YouTube. You are adorably cute and I subscribed to your channel. Love your work!

By Guest on 04/29/2014 @ 05:49pm

I love this piece.

By Guest on 04/29/2014 @ 12:30pm

Great blog for Earth Day! Nice design work :)

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