Metal Ribbon Flower Done for Foldforming May Challenge

Metal Ribbon Flower Done for Foldforming May Challenge

Published On: 05-03-2014 03:12am

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Another piece of jewelry done for a challenge. This time it was Foldforming Central May Challenge. The theme was Flower/Botanical. Check out what other artists made for the Flower challenge.

I couldn't decide what to make but on last minute I got this idea to revisit my metal ribbon technique. Basically I gathered a thin sheet of metal like I would on fabric ribbon. It's fun and the result is always unique.

It started with a scalloped circle that I sawed out of brass.

Then I cut a million of copper wire, ok 2 dozens, and balled them and then stick them through holes on my metal and solder them. Same technique I used to make the fencing on Earthling Necklace.

This is how it looks like when it's all done and pretty. Those sticks are sticking out about 2-3 mm above the surface they're soldered on.

I had too much fun and added elements as I go. First I made the leaf dangle and was contemplating where should I put it. I decided at the bottom of the flower it looked best. Then I add the red pearl and 2 lampwork beads on the chain.

The finished piece can be purchase at - Frilly Flower

Thank you for appreciating handmade!


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