Listing Similar Listings Experiment Result

Listing Similar Listings Experiment Result

Published On: 12-02-2011 09:50pm

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birthstone angels


This was the first time i had a lot of similar listings in my ArtFire studio. They are my Birthstone Angels. I listed them almost identical one another, only changed the birth months & colors in my descriptions. 


RESULT: to my horror only 2 or 3 out of 12 that came up on Google & Google Shopping search! Even when I search for February birthstone for example, April listing showed up instead of the February Angel! I was pretty frustrated!!


Time for a Change.

So I asked advice in the forum and they advised me to mix the title & description up a bit. I did by scrambling my descriptions from ABCDE to ADECB - BADCE - etc. I also changed the wording at the first paragraph as much as I could to make them different. I also only left the exact month info about the birthstone instead of having all Jan - Dec info pasted on each listing.

RESULT: A few days later, all of my listings can be found on the first page of Google search with a simple search phrase "birthstone angels". Ever since I updated my descriptions I saw more incoming traffic for my Birthstone Angels.


1. Do NOT copy listings. It's bad for Google searches. Yes, it has been told so many times before but you gotta experience it yourself to get it in your brain.

2. You do NOT need to add the top category of your listing to your tag cos AF has added it. This is to avoid keyword stuffing. i.e: I'm posting my stuffs in Jewelry top category. AF added the word Jewelry & Artfire in my tags. Check your page source to be sure. On your listing page, right click, slect View Page Source. Find the meta data for your tags.

3. I don't know how different Google requires your listings to be but be as different as possible. The easy way is to scramble your description like my example above.


Please share your experience too if you have something similar happened to you :)

NOTE: This experiment was conducted in mid 2010. Google may have changed its algorithm since then so it's best that you do your own experiments to get the best result that suit you.

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