Popnicute's New Logo and Work Table

Popnicute's New Logo and Work Table

Published On: 02-23-2012 06:12pm

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Popnicute is proud to announce its new logo. I think it's a better representation of my jewelry style. Sophisticated yet playful. From now on you will see this new logo on my future pictures, signage, and documents.


I just spent the last few days cleaning up and moving things around around the house with my husband. Finally my work table gets the proper placement, inside the work room. The room is less than perfect, the floor will need to be resurfaced and the walls will need to be painted but it works for now. I came to realize that I didn't need a perfect room to work on my handmade jewelry. So further cosmetic changes to the room will have to wait :)


I'm not usually this neat but enjoy while you can. I always have all the tools piled up on the table that I'd have a hard time finding tools I just put down. Creative madness! 

I like buying quality tools but I also enjoy scouring thrift stores for used items. Sometimes, you really get what you paid for. Like my Foredom SR flex shaft and goldsmith Fretz Hammer. Expensive, yet worth every cent. If you subscribed to Fusion Beads' newsletter, sometimes they will have coupons that work for the entire store, you can get a Fretz Hammer for less when it happens. I made my own bench pin but for the time I spent making them plus the price of the big clamp, I think you'd better off if you just buy the manufactured ones.

My table was only $10 at Salvation Army. Laminated MDF and heavy duty. Really heavy! That hammer rack was also found at Salvation Army for $3. Sometimes you get some really nice items at thrift stores. Some things are worth spending money for but for some others it doesn't really matter as long as it works for you! Not everything has to be 1st quality. Not everything has to be used for what it's intended for. Be creative, do your homework before you buy, and make the most of everything! Those clamp lights were on sale at a home store as well as the daylight flood bulbs.

Now I better go back to work. Toodles!

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