The Four Nobel Truths of Buddhism

The Four Nobel Truths of Buddhism

Published On: 06-18-2012 11:12am

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What are the 4 noble truths of Buddhism?

The first noble truth is the truth of suffering. This includes pain, getting old, disease and of course death.  Psychological suffering includes loneliness, frustration, fear, embarrassment, disappointment and anger. Buddhism explains how people can avoid suffering and we can truly be happy. 

The second noble truth is the truth of why we suffer. We will suffer if we expect other people to conform to our expectation. For example, not getting something you want. Getting what you want does not guarantee happiness. We should try and modify our wants and cravings. 

The third noble truth is overcoming suffering. The idea that true happiness and contentment are possible. When we give up craving things and learn not to dwell on the past we can become happy and free. We then have more energy to help others and this is Nirvana. 

The fourth noble truth is the noble 8-fold path. The path that leads to the end of suffering. 

The noble 8 fold path is focusing our mind on being aware of our thoughts and actions while we develop wisdom by understanding the Four Noble Truths. 

The 5 Precepts is the moral code of Buddhism. The main five are, not to take the live of anything living, not to take anything not freely given, to abstain from sexual misconduct, to refrain from untrue speech and to avoid intoxication. 

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