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wiresNpliers on Aug 22, 2013
5 stars

Thanks so much, Margaret! And thanks also for the extras! Nice!
SotocapMania on Aug 17, 2013
5 stars

Beautifully Handmade, Lightening Fast Delivery, Excellent Customer Service, Talent and Inspirational Seller Thank You!!
NightSkyJewelry on Aug 19, 2013
5 stars

I had to order more of Boho's Rosy and Eggplant copper headpins to make sure I don't run out. I adore them, and I adore her, too. ;-) Thanks so much for everything! %u2665
NightSkyJewelry on Aug 8, 2013
5 stars

I finally got to try out my "Earring Thing" today and it's awesome! I've been making my own earwires using pliers, a dowel and my fingers, dreading the chore because it was so awkward to hold everything and it was really difficult to get identical findings. This tool makes it fast and easy to turn out perfectly matched earwires! Margaret is always friendly and takes excellent care of her shoppers. I highly recommend her shops, and her Earring Thing! Thanks, Lady! I'm delighted.
NightSkyJewelry on Aug 17, 2012
5 stars

I love the colors of the Eggplant and Rosy copper headpins! I was hoping I'd wake up this morning and they would have turned themselves into fab jewelry, but that didn't happen. Guess I'll have to get creative on my own. ;-) Thanks for another perfect transaction, Margaret! And thanks for the cool earwires. I'll be back.
susannaoriginals on Mar 19, 2012
4 stars

Everything about this order was impressive except the beads themselves. They are heavily, heavily stabilized and have no "feel" of stone about them at all; they feel and look like plastic. I'm sorry to give you a poor rating fort the product because your professionalism and the inclusion of the little "extra" would have definitely brought me back.
RoyalMetals on Nov 18, 2011
5 stars

Perfect! Thanks so much!
janmk1978 on Nov 10, 2011
5 stars

Thank you so much for the outstanding service. I appreciate your helpfulness and your quick response. These are simply beautiful!
silvermoongalleria on Aug 8, 2012
5 stars

Thank you! This seller is Simply the BEST! A totally talented sweetheart!
NightSkyJewelry on Oct 15, 2011
5 stars

Oh my gosh, both sets of pearls are stunning!! I've never had peacock pearls before and I'm so glad I got these. The faceting adds such a blast of bling that I can't stop looking at them! And of course I love the white ones, too. Thanks so much, Glittery One. You're awesome!
StrangeWhimsy on Sep 20, 2011
5 stars

I just got my pearls! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and they are absolutely stunning and the free gift was so thoughtful. Thank you again.
BaubleBin on Oct 20, 2011
5 stars

What a great ear wire maker! It was even better than expected and GlitterCritter was so wonderful to deal with. An excellent transaction and a very happy recipient. BaubleBin
NightSkyJewelry on Sep 4, 2011
5 stars

Everything is beautiful! I swear, it was like Christmas in September when I opened this package! Thanks so much for everything! :-)
ThaddeusRose on Aug 22, 2011
5 stars

Thank you for this neat tool. I was planning to make one but ordering it from you was much easier :-) I will be putting it to use today!
RoxAndThings on Jul 27, 2011
5 stars

Beautiful! Lightening fast shipment and top-notch customer service. Thank you so much.