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Matthew_Woelke_c5577d on Jan 13, 2020
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Grateful for the low cost however, the seller is not from the United States like it is advertised on his profile, he is from China. I ordered this product on 1 January 2020 thinking that it would be delivered within 10 days. Like I previously stated, I was under the impression that the seller was from the US bit again come to find out he is from China so I was a bit confused when I got the confirmation email that my product was on its way from China. However that was on 5 January so again I thought that I would get it in time for the National Championship game which is today, 13 January. But boy was I wrong, The product got to the US, Chicago to be specific, on 8 January and did not leave Chicago until yesterday, 12 January. So needless to say, I am very disappointed and will never use this seller again due to false advertisement and crappy shipping
cinjeffers on Oct 1, 2019
5 stars

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