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40 stars (40)

catinalife on Dec 7, 2011
5 stars

just gorgeous, thank you very much, highly recommended Artfire artisan.
ExquisiteStudios on Nov 12, 2011
5 stars

So fortunate that these weren't all gone when I snapped-up as many as I could! Linda, these mini-cabs have given me the sweetest dreams ever since I first saw them in your amazing shop! I am ready to get started creating a new project! Excellent! Em/ExquisiteStudios
ExquisiteStudios on Nov 2, 2011
5 stars

I am completely astounded, Linda! These Mini Cabochons are so magically brilliant and what a colorful array of beautiful colors! I am so thrilled I am coming back on Friday for MORE! ABSOLUTELY blown-away! WOWZA~! Thank you so much!!!! Emily/ExquisiteStudios
geolorrie on Mar 9, 2011
5 stars

Very pretty! Nice design and materials. Thank you for the fast shipping and the little quartz point too.