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Patron269517 on Jan 8, 2015
5 stars

Thank you for shipping these out so fast!! Loved the quality of the hand towels and the price was so reasonable! Will be ordering more in the future!
cwhee9763 on Nov 22, 2014
5 stars

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dish cloths and pet mess bags.... and LOVE this lady! She does fantastic work. Such great quality you CANNOT find in a store. Nothing compares.
cwhee9763 on Nov 13, 2014
5 stars

All 10's. I love the warmies... they are perfect for keeping warm in the office and Originally Yours customer service is excellent. Love the hand written note attached to the order too. I was thrilled to get these so quickly in the mail. I will continue to order from you in the future. :)
Patron203471 on Jul 17, 2013
4 stars

Love these. Thank you.
Patron203471 on Jun 14, 2013
5 stars

Very pleased. 86 is young; my grandmother is 106! I believe you have the secret - stay busy. Thank you!
woofwoofs on Jul 12, 2011
5 stars

Thank you so much for fast shipping. They will work great for my dog leashes.
Goddessherbals on Jul 5, 2011
5 stars

I lost 250 lbs over the last ten years. That is not a typo. I'm terrified to buy clothes. I've been a size 0/1 for a couple years now, it's just where I landed. I fought tremendous odds to get here. I went well past my goal, but I'm tiny and was supposed to be at 5'2". I have as much trouble finding clothes now than I did at size 30. I laugh about it. I ordered this skirt breath held. The measurements looked right, but so small. My mom's size small. I put this on and it's perfect. I've never owned anything so exquisite in my life. It looks hand stitched and well put together. This was the find of a lifetime and this skirt could have and I believe was, made for me. The shipper got it to me so fast I didn't know it was coming today. It's been carefully loved and looks unworn. I hope someone else got the pleasure I felt putting on this sensational treasure. Truly the most perfectly described and now most loved item of clothing in a very small and carefully chosen wardrobe. Thank you. I've re-wrapped it and will not be hanging it up. Wearing it with style when I do craft shows this fall.
hollyknittercreations on May 18, 2011
5 stars

This is a cute little bag that is perfect for little shopping items.
icandyarn on May 31, 2011
5 stars

%u2665ø,¸¸,ø%u2665*Wonderful Seller*%u2665ø,¸¸,ø%u2665CUTE BAGS%u2665ø,¸¸,ø%u2665*
endoxazo on Jan 5, 2011
5 stars

Perfect order as always. Love the color and love your products! Thanks. Julie
cwhee9763 on Jan 2, 2011
5 stars

Again.... I LOVE these! My family loved them and I ended up giving mine away! So, I ordered these and they came quick and packaged neatly with a note from Linda. Thanks Linda!
MissGuidedsCollages on Dec 23, 2010
5 stars

Rec'd on the 22nd, super fast. Laces are beautiful. Very professional.
HunterStudiosB on Dec 1, 2010
5 stars

Nicely done on the product, packaging and delivery. Very prompt. I am again a satisfied buyer. Thanks!
cwhee9763 on Nov 20, 2010
5 stars

I LOVE these warmies. They came really quick and I enjoyed getting the package and the seller's note in the mail! I am keeping one and giving the others as presents. They are adorable and cozy! Thanks Linda! Happy Holidays!
HunterStudiosB on Oct 20, 2010
5 stars

Received my sandwich bags in the mail today and they are adorable! Love them! Thanks so much for offering such a great item and at such a great price!!