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cdabringer392932285 on Dec 20, 2020
2 stars

6 days before Christmas and I get a refund that says impossible to deliver with no reach out from the owner and r any other information. There is no reason for it to be impossible to deliver! Not happy!
cpeet2012791237088 on Dec 1, 2020
1 stars

Sent wrong article of clothing, wrong team, wrong state, wrong everything except the size. Have sent multiple emails and still no response.
Rondayvudo on Sep 14, 2020
1 stars

I ordered a mask a month ago. I have tried twice to contact the seller and the seller has not responded. Responding to customers with questions is not a priority for best-deal2015.
Walton_29a930 on Aug 20, 2020
1 stars

Never received my item, sent many, many messages.
steven503898 on Feb 16, 2017
2 stars

never got my order