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JewelzByAngie on Nov 6, 2009
5 stars

Awesome transaction!! Great product, speedy shipping, great communication!! Thank you so very much!!
KIZZDESIGNS on Jun 17, 2009
5 stars

Totally awesome again Amanda! love these earwires.... have a great holiday and don't forget to tweet and FB! Post some pics! Crystal
MuyChic on Apr 20, 2009
5 stars

Amanda, Thank you for working around the shipping for me, it was a pleasure doing business with you.. I love the craftmanship in your designs, I will be back to buy more! Alma at Muy Chic
KIZZDESIGNS on Feb 15, 2009
5 stars

HOLY SPEED OF LIGHT, BATMAN.....THEY'RE HERE ALREADY! They are beautiful! Waiting for some more supplies and then I'm going to start! Thanx Amanda crystal from KIZZ
KIZZDESIGNS on Feb 6, 2009
5 stars

Thank you Amanda! The shipping was the speed of light! You are great to deal with. Thanx for a positive artisan shopping experience. Crystal from KIZZ