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CRGDesigns on Apr 16, 2011
5 stars

Again, the perfect 10 for Leta ! I got my earrings yesterday, and they are even more beautiful than in the pictures. So cheerful, and cute, and the work is impecable ! The shipping was super fast and the gift box so cute ! I will come back for more, that's a promise ! Thank you !
marlene227 on Mar 28, 2011
5 stars

Leta, As always you do a fantastic job in your jewelry design. Appreciate the time you spent on seeing that this order was packaged correctly along with making sure I was to receive it in a timely manner. Like a box of Cracker Jacks there was a surprise in the bottom. A very beautiful surprize!!! Thank you so very kindly Leta. I am so fortunate to have met you and the timing could not be more perfect.
GalleriaDeArta on Feb 3, 2011
5 stars

A beautiful custom order and a perfect match for the earrings, what else can I say ? Leta is one of my favorites designers ! Thank you so much for everything !Five stars all the way. Monica
KnitwitHues on Feb 1, 2011
5 stars

Absolutely stunning! ... incredible design coupled with flawless workmanship make creations from Leta just amazing! These must be seen to be fully appreciated! I cannot say enough good, and I THANK YOU, Leta! ~~~♥♥♥~~~
GalleriaDeArta on Jan 20, 2011
5 stars

As always, Leta is having beautiful items in her studio, handcrafted with care and passion ! I will wear these earrings even with more pleasure knowing that she worked them with her own hands ! Thank you Leta !
marlene227 on Feb 5, 2011
4 stars

Yes, Everything about this order is perfect! I love my mail carrier but he was not able to get through to us for a couple days. He has an all outdoor delivery route(s). I spoke with him today and he said he still is behind a day. Also, said more snow on the way.... Anyway, this is about my beautiful earrings so lovingly wrapped. I am so pleased. I always have been with Leta's designs. The customer is what she has on her mind at all times. And, she does provide the very best in customer service. If you order these earrings you will be so thrilled to see how they are made. Just like the expensive jewelry stores. Thanks as always for all that you put into delivering a beautiful pair of earrings.
kdib on Dec 22, 2010
5 stars

Once again Leta came through with some Beautiful last minute gifts for me!! Thanks
kdib on Dec 20, 2010
5 stars

Once again, Leta created some Amazing earrings for me. They are exactly what I wanted. She got them done so fast, and I recieved them the next day. Can't wait to see what she scomes up with next!
marlene227 on Dec 20, 2010
5 stars

This gal is the best!!!! She keeps very close tabs once her purchases leave her home. Follow(s) up in seeing that the customer not only rec'd the purchase but also is very pleased with the purchase. This is old fashion customer satisfaction guarantee. Thank you again!
marlene227 on Oct 14, 2010
5 stars

Look at what I finally came across.... When you place an order with Leta you can just see and feel her smile. She can take grey skies and turn them into rainbow's. I love everything I purchased from her. She even puts her special touch with your purchases in such pretty boxes and bows. The bows are just so special. I didn't open the gift boxes for awhile because I did not want to mess up the pretty bows.
thebookmarket on Jul 2, 2010
5 stars

I adore the earrings! They are so pretty and just as described with super fast shipping! Thanks so much Leta!
ExquisiteStudios on Apr 19, 2010
5 stars

Leta!! They're PERFECTLY EXCEPTIONAL! Your earrings arrived today and you can lay money that I'm wearing these beauties tomorrow! Just takes my breath away! Em
walkinthewoodsllc on Apr 29, 2010
5 stars

I ♡♥♡ my earrings! What a GREAT artisan ~ everything about my transaction was perfect!
kdib on Mar 11, 2010
5 stars

I LOVE your jewelry!!! Sometimes I think you make it just for me....you're the BEST!
kdib on Dec 1, 2009
5 stars

Leta does such beautiful work, I wear her earrings every day. I've purchased several pair for Christmas presents, can't wait to share with my friends! I highly reccomend her jewelery!!!