plasticpumpkin's Seller Rating

27 stars (27)

3Cedarsjewelry on Sep 17, 2011
5 stars

The purple chicken rules the roost! Love it!!
3Cedarsjewelry on Apr 8, 2011
5 stars

Oh its beautiful!! Thank you!
SleepyCatDesigns on Mar 22, 2011
3 stars

Wonderful stickers with artwork by a very talented artisan.
FindersKeepers on Dec 3, 2010
5 stars

Love the ACEOs. Both were great and arrived in perfect condition! Great seller!
jewelrybyandrea on Jul 21, 2010
5 stars

Wonderful, Wonderful Artwork. Look forward to receiving a new painting for the next 4 months. Great transaction and will definitely buy from again!
lisianblue on Jun 22, 2010
5 stars

Love the kittty drawing - she made it without getting bent! YAY!