Beetlecat Originals Metal Charm

Image Description
These are custom designed pathtags (a trading charm often used in geocaching) of the Beetlecat Originals logo (a scarab with spread wings holding the sun) offset slightly so that the hole goes right through the middle of the sun as if it's the moon during a solar eclipse.

The colours are classic scarab primaries - a blue beetle on a orange background and bright yellow sun - with the feather left unpainted to reflect the metal shine of the nickle-plated metal.

You can use them as jewelery, zipper pulls, key chains, etc. I have 2 of these tags on my own keys (one on a lanyard and one on a split ring) and they are still as shiny and unmarked as the day I received them in the mail.

Each scarab tag is packaged with a sturdy braided cord and split ring.