Wooden Jewelry Box Trinket Ash Wood Bandsaw 2 Drawer Handcrafted

Image Description
Handcrafted, ash wood, 2-drawer, 4 compartment jewelry/trinket bandsaw box. The compartments have a royal blue, soft velvet-like finish. Not a typical box, it has a wave-like movement with rounded curves. The ash wood is finished with Danish oil enhancing the wood grain and natural color.

DISCLAIMER: Jewelry in photograph is not included.

DIMENSIONS: Length 11", Height 5", Width 3-3/4".

Top Drawer, Left Compartment: Length 2-3/4", Depth 2-1/2". Right Compartment: Length 2-5/8", Depth 2-1/2".
Bottom Drawer, Left Compartment: Length 2-1/2", Depth 2-1/2". Right Compartment: Length 3-3/4", Depth 1-1/2".

The ash wood is cut into equal sections, book matched, and glued together to form a solid block of wood. A bandsaw is used to completely cut the block of wood into the pattern of the box, thus the name bandsaw box.

It is then sanded smooth. The drawer and its opening is carved to remove the harsh edges to continue the fluidity of the box.

Three coats of Danish Oil are hand rubbed into the box using fine grit sandpaper to obtain a very smooth surface. Three additional coats of Danish oil are hand rubbed to finish the box.

After the box is completely cured, the box is thoroughly buffed, a coat of wax is applied and buffed to achieve a smooth, lusterous finish.

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